Tongue In The Mind – Free Sex (PAN 140S2)



Tongue In The Mind shares ‘Free Sex’, the second single from the upcoming EP out via PAN on May 17th.

‘Free Sex’ is a smoldering punk-metal riot set ablaze by tempered rifs and seething beatbox breaks; Huxtable’s vocals glide over top with cool, casual grace until the track sublimates into a vaporous techno fever dream. Toying with the ethos of Detroit’s screwiest, most speculative sci-fi experiments, it flaunts Tongue In The Mind’s creative philosophy in widescreen, muddying the gulf between punk rock and cybernetic electro.

Performed by Juliana Huxtable, Via App, Jealous Orgasm
Vocals, lyrics, co-production and arrangement by Juliana Huxtable
Guitar, percussion, backing vocals, co-production and arrangement by Jealous Orgasm aka Joe Rinaldo Heffernan
Electronic drums, synths, co-production and arrangement by Via App

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