PAN is a multi-disciplinary record label and platform for artists. Founded by Bill Kouligas, it has been building a network of international artists with an emphasis on adaptation to the rapidly changing cultural and material conditions of contemporary musicians and sound artists today.

Since 2008, through a continuous stream of releases and events, PAN has evolved year by year to reflect the state of sound production and sound-based art practices, and their constant redefinition of experimentation.

The curatorial habits of the label are wide-ranging, from commissioning releases from established pioneers like Rashad Becker, Trevor Wishart and Florian Hecker, to giving a platform to emerging talents such as Pan Daijing, M.E.S.H. and Yves Tumor. PAN has also represented artists such as 70s avant-garde Bigaku school collective Marginal Consort to conceptual artists James Hoff and Mark Leckey.

Inherent to the way the label is structured is a conversation between artists, working at the forefront of their field; from noise to cross-disciplinary practices between visual media, sound and technology. Based in Berlin, with roots in London and Athens, PAN taps into and reflects the multi-national and innovative nature of the city’s unique music scene, nurturing and connecting its talent and experiments to a wider international scene.

PAN releases high quality, thoughtfully-designed physical editions of recordings and visual media, digital works in a wide range of formats, and organizes events and showcases. Recent partners include PS1 (NYC), Insitute for Contemporary Art (London) and Berghain (Berlin).

ENTOPIA is the latest offshoot series from PAN seeking to amplify and redefine our ideas of what a soundtrack can be. The series will survey critical works across the spectrum from musical composers on PAN and beyond, commissioned for the worlds of film, art, performance, installation works, theatre, dance and fashion.

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