Heith – X, wheel (PAN 119)



Heith’s devout interest in the notion of reality started long before he recorded his latest album. The Italian musician, producer and artist probed the spiritual aspects of sound and its cosmogonic potential already in his previous works released on his own Haunter Records label.

Exploring the textures of consciousness through research into the ritual animism, he kept an omnivorous and universalist approach to cultural and sonic influence. This is central to X, wheel, Heith’s debut album and first release on PAN. It’s a deep dive into his creative and spiritual practice, one where art and life are inextricable.

Written and recorded across different studios in Milan, Rome and Florence between March 2019, and January 2020, eleven tracks cycle through a world of stylistic references—from psychedelia, psytrance and freak folk tostoner metal, noise and early electronic music—while remaining firmly a part of a singular vision.

Heith crafts a mesmerising and ritualistic subterranean soundscape, aresonant and eclectic collage of distinct sonic elements: from celestial percussion intertwined with jarring, mechanical oscillations to haunting vocals atop murky dubbed-out beats.

Produced and written by Heith
Mixed by Giovanni Ferliga and Daniele Guerrini
Mastered by Rashad Becker

Lettering by Pietro Agostoni

Concept and video by DECLINO

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