MIRROR | ME zine


A zine developed from a collaborative exhibition and performance organized by the writer, Brandon Stosuy, and the artist, Kai Althoff in the Summer of 2009 at Dispatch Bureau in NYC. It was displayed during the White Columns Annual 2009, during which pages were added by the original exhibition’s various participants.
The Zine features new materials by artists, writers and musicians such as Adam Helms, Brandon Stosuy, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, Kai Althoff, Karlynn Holland, Lionel Maunz, Matt Zaremba, Matteah Baim, Mitch Kehe, Nick Z., Peter Sotos, Philip Best, Scott Campbell, Theo Stanley, Yair Oelbaum, Zach Baron.

“A project which highlights correspondences between curator and book designer/publisher…” said Miriam Katzeff of Primary Information for Art21 Blog.

October 7th, 9pm
Royal Oak, New York

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