April 7th – Feeding Tube Records, Northampton, MA.
Michael Morley/Spencer Yeh/Meg Clixby trio, DYlan Nyoukis/IDM Theft Able/Angela Sawyer trio, Dredd Foole & Chris Corsano, Matt Krefting

April 10th – Red Barn Hampshire College, Amherst, MA.
Blood Stereo, Northampton Wools (Nace & Thurston moore), fat Worm Of Error, Grey Skull & Daily Life.

April 12th – UAG Gallery, Albany, NY.
Blood Stereo, Bill Nace & 1983

April 14th – WFMU, Strength Through Failure
Blood Stereo & Tony Conrad/Charlemagne Palestine duo

April 16th – Numina Lente Festival, Flamboyan Theater, New York.
Blood Stereo, Hype Williams, TARP, Michael Smith with Title TK

April 17th – Cake Shop, Ludlow Street, NYC
An afternoon show of vocal performances including Dylan Nyoukis, Bill Nace, Dave Miko, C Spencer Yeh, Aaron Moore, John Schoen, Jason Finkbeiner, G Lucas Crane, Gen Ken Montgomery (Egnekn, the Minister of Lamination), Bob Bellerue, Drew Demeter and more TBA.

April 18th – 210 Thurston Ave, Ithaca, NY
Blood Stereo, Bill Nace and more TBA.

April 19th – Pengo Compound, Fedder Industrial Park, Rochester, NY.
Blood Stereo, Bill Nace, Pengo, Scrappy Joe (Nod) & Bruse Halio

April 21st – Oberlin College
Blood Stereo, Bill Nace & Aaron Dilloway Duo

April 23rd – Destroy Compound, Detroit, MI.
AMERICAN TAPES 900 Inzanity Fest
Blood Stereo, Bill Nace, Family Underground, Tara & Tovah, Aaron Dilloway, Wolf Eyes, Sex Police, Names Devine, Precious Tarpit, Apetechnology, Cold Turkey (last gig), Charlie Drahiem, Raven Strain, XBrainiax, Ghouls, Winter Ruby, Half Nelson, Redrot + VISUALS BY VIDEO MADNESS + HARD TECHNO DJ’s PAT YANKEE & DJ LONELYHEART


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