ABSURD | 1996-2010


ABSURD | 1996-2010

Nicolas Malevitsis and his Absurd label has been an inspiration and most of all one of the most radical and pioneering sound statements that happened in Greece over the past decade. After 14 whole years, he decided to bring it to an end with two final events, in Athens and the city of Xanthi. Love & Respect.

06.11.2010: Knot Gallery, Athens


Ashtray Navigations
The Mongrelettes


04.12.2010: Spiti Politismou F.E.X., Xanthi

‘bye bye butterfly’

Leif Elggren & Bill Kouligas
Jerome Noetinger
Sudden Infant
Blood Stereo
Balinese Beast
Sokrates Martinis & Ilektra Papathanasopoulou

Installations at ‘Alhimeion’ by:
Danai Stefanou
Dimitra Lazaridou Hatzigoga

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