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PAN 127
The Story of Leonora (OST)

The Story Of Leonora (OST) is the seventh edition of PAN’s Entopia soundtrack series. The first original score by Toxe, the album accompanies a short film of the same name by Clemens Stumpf and Cleis Vandam. Serving as an extended version of the original score, the new release from Toxe additionally presents audio yet unheard by viewers of the film. Created in 2020 between Berlin and Amsterdam, The Story of Leonora is released today as a 10track album and a limited edition sliding puzzle designed by Emir Timur Tokdemir.

The album ebbs and flows while retaining the individuality of certain moods–– sometimes ominous, often innocent. Recalling an elementary introduction to the world, Toxe draws inspiration from sounds sourced in daily life: the clicking of high heels, birds and humming machines. Cascading echos and short breaths merge with delicate synths and incomprehensible human mumble. The simplicity of these elements are distilled to their core, evoking the naïveté of the world to an alien perspective, while maintaining sonic sophistication throughout.

Written, produced & mixed by Tove Agelii
Mastered by Rashad Becker
Film direction & photography by Clemens Stumpf and Cleis Vandam
Puzzle design and artwork by Emir Timur Tokdemir

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