Eartheater – Below the Clavicle (PAN 112S)


Eartheater unveils a new single, “Below The Clavicle.” It is her first release for PAN since her 2018 album IRISIRI.

Eartheater shares the following about the track: “I wrote ‘Below the Clavicle’ when I was waiting to understand more about a situation before talking about it — when the meaning was still below the clavicle and hadn’t made it up to my head yet. The understanding was still underground — forging in my heart and gut. In my upcoming album, I thought a lot about lava and volcanoes and the formation of stone and mountains.”

Written and arranged by Eartheater
Produced by Eartheater
Guitar performed by Eartheater
Harp performed by Marilu Donovan
Chamber arrangements performed by the Ensemble de Cámara CSMA:
Cello – Laura Sorribas
Violin I – Belén Pérez
Violin II – Celia Álvarez
Flute I – María del Barrio
Flute II – Ana Navarro
Recorded by Eartheater and Santiago Latorre at Etopia in Zaragoza Spain
Mixed by Kiri Stensby
Mastered by Heba Kadry
Art Direction by Eartheater and Daniel Sannwald
Photography by Daniel Sannwald
Special Thanks to FUGA

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